2021 - 2022 Class Schedule

Recreational gymnastics classes are begin at the start of the Regular School Year and continue all the way through to the start of summer vacation. Our curriculum is designed around a progression-based teaching style in which our students build from a foundation of fundamental skills towards more advanced techniques over time. The goal of our program is to create a pathway to success for any student regardless of age, experience or ability level.

Tuition is billed on a monthly basis, typically on the 1st of the month. Students can sign up for as many classes per week as they like, up to 5 days per week for most classes (subject to availability) with progressively lower rates for each class. The more classes you take, the more you save!

A child's first day (included in tuition) will be their trial class and coaches are available to discuss with the parents and the athlete if there needs to be class adjustment. If your child is unsatisfied, we will refund you after the first day.

Makeups: Students get 1 day of makeups per month for each day of class taken per week (ex. If Suzy is registered for 4 days a week and is sick for 4 days, she can make up 4 days that month.)

***Refer a friend that signs up and completes at least 1 month with us and get 10% off of 1 month's tuition!!!***


Pre-School Classes

For our little gymnasts we emphasize fun and safety.  Learning is accomplished through organized and focused fun.

We have gymnastics classes for students entering Pre-school in the 2021 - 2022 school year, beginning at age 3. These classes are focused on mastering gross motor skills and the very basic movements for gymnastics exercises that can be a foundation for more advanced skills later on. Instructors are sensitive to occasional separation anxiety and encourage parents to help ease the process.

Kindergarten Classes

Students entering Kindergarten in the 2021 - 2022 school year will have an opportunity to try a longer, more intensive class that will introduce slightly harder skills and greater challenges than the traditional pre-school classes. These classes are slightly longer and use skill progressions from the Beginner and Advanced Beginner curriculum in order to serve as a transition to the regular Recreational Program.
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Recreational Gymnastics Classes

There are 4 levels of recreational gymnastics. Each level after beginner has mile stones that need to be achieved in order to move up:
  1. Beginner: Where gymnasts over the age of 6 start to learn how to be gymnasts!
  2. Advanced Beginner: Gymnasts that have learned the basics graduate to this level.  Skills become a bit more challenging and exciting
  3. Intermediate Competition Prep:  This is the last stop on the way to competitive gymnastics.  Intermediates have mastery of basics and are starting to learn higher level skills.  
  4. Xcel: This is the highest level of the recreational program and introduces our students to their first experiences with competitive gymnastics. Students who have qualified for Intermediate can join the Xcel team but must work out 3 days per week. 


Advanced Beginner

Intermediate Competition Prep 


Tumbling Classes

Tumbling classes are available to girls and boys ages 6 and up. Students learn basic tumbling skills, such as cartwheel, round-off and handspring progressions on the trampoline, tumble track and tumbling floor.

Gymnastics students in this program focus on floor exercise elements, while many cheerleaders are enrolled in this class to acquire necessary tumbling skills to accomplish their goals.


Annual Registration Fee: $26

Sign up for 3 or more classes per week for huge tuition savings!
All tuition fees are charged on the first of every month. Payment due at time of registration. No refunds may be granted except in the case of injuries or special circumstances.

Students are allowed a make-up class each month for absences, depending on how many days per week they partake in classes (ex. 2 classes a week=2 make-ups a month). Make-ups must be scheduled at least one business day before the additional class.

Additional classes and times are available through our Northbrook location!