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We began as a small gym in Des Plaines in 1973 and relocated to Wheeling in 1985 as we expanded. AAG has developed many international gymnasts including 1992 U.S. Olympian Chris Waller. The American Academy has also graduated gymnasts who have cumulatively earned over $4 million in college scholarships. We also train (in house) the Stevenson High School girls' team, winner of four straight Illinois High School state championships.

Gymnastics For Learners

We have three objectives regarding our students: Safety, Learning and Fun. Our primary teaching method involves using progressive skills. Skills are acquired by doing drills that eventually lead to the skill as a whole.  Using this method of learning allows students to experience success as each drill is mastered as opposed to only experiencing success when the final skill is accomplished. This method also improves safety and confidence while assuring fast and sure learning.

We are committed to a well rounded physical experience for your child. This includes more gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, increased confidence and enhanced physical fitness. Incorporated into our regular gymnastics curriculum is a conditioning and fitness program endorsed by USA Gymnastics.

We make every effort to offer a class schedule to suit the needs of families with hectic schedules and multiple children. If you can't find times on our printed schedule that work for you, we promise to work to accommodate you as best we can


Our staff is an experienced team of coaches and educators with a passion for gymnastics and physical education. All AAG team members go through a background check and are safety certified through USAG, IHSA, Special Olympcis and AAU certifications.

AAG Coaches List:
  • Coach Ani: 26 years coaching experience and USAG certified.
  • Coach Kurt: 35 years coaching experience, IHSA coach, USAG coach, USAG certified and background checked.
  • Coach Steve
  • Coach Dan
  • Coach Terry
  • Coach Brittany
  • Coach Amanda: 11 years coaching experience, USAG certified, AAU coach and background checked.
  • Coach Vladimir: 33 years coaching experience, USAG certified and background checked.
  • Coach Judy: 40+ coaching experience, public school educator and coach, judge for IHSA, USAG, NCAA, USAG certified and background checked.
  • Coach Natasha: 40+ coaching experience, TWO TIME Olympic gold medalist, USAG Hall of Fame, AAU and USAG coach, USAG certified and background checked.
  • Coach Jen: 24 years coaching experience, IHSA coach, USAG certified and background checked..
  • Coach Glen: 40+ years coaching experience, public school coach, Special Olympics world head team coach, USAG coach, USAG certified and background checked.
  • Coach Catherine
  • Coach Gabriella
  • Coach Marilyn
  • Coach Jake

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