Girls Team
​USAG:  The American Academy of Gymnastics has USAG teams 3 to 10.  The Academy USAG team requires the highest level of commitment of time in the gym.  The outcome of that commitment is a higher level of gymnastics.  USAG is the organizing body for all levels of competition ranging from the lowest entry level competition up to Level 10. USAG also chooses the team that competes at the Olympic Games.
High School:  We are heavily involved in High School Gymnastics.  The Stevenson H.S. girls team trains at the American Academy of Gymnastics.  Many High School team come to the Academy to use our training equipment.  Kids from all teams can compete for their High School during the IHSA season. They do not have to compete High School and if they would like they can compete both.  During the off season gymnasts train with their American Academy of Gymnastics coach.  3 of the Academy Staff members coach High School teams for area Schools.  Additionally, we have a High school Judge on our coaching staff as well.  They know the IHSA rules and do a great job preparing kids for their season. The Academy High School program has trained at least 15 IHSA State Champions.  Some of those athletes have, during the same season, won USAG level 10 nationals.
EXCEL:  The number of hours that Excel gymnasts train is similar to GIJO.  The primary difference is that there are no compulsory routines.  Each level has types of skills that are required.  Gymnasts and their coaches choose skills that best suit the athletes talents.  The way that kids get on to this team is by going through the class program.  They start at preschool go to beginner, advanced beginner, and then intermediate.  Once they are Intermediate they are eligible to compete.  This program is also a great way for kids to get ready for High School Competition.

GIJO:  This competitive group competes using nearly the exact same compulsory routines and rules as USAG.  The number of hours that athletes can work out is limited by the rules and regulations established by GIJO.  While GIJO athletes work out less the same philosophy and training techniques are applied.  It is great competition and the GIJO program prepares kids for High School Competition.