We have programs from beginner to competitive dance, 5 to 21 years old


The goal of our Hip Hop program is to provide a positive experience to every kid that comes in contact with our program. These messages are clear:
To carry across the positive message of dance and movement.
Dance and movement is an important part of expressing yourself. To be able to express yourself is to obtain freedom. Dance is for the world, dance for YOU!
Stay away from the negative influences.
Drugs are an obstruction to a clear mind. Be strong and wise enough to “Just Say No!”  It has been said many ways: "AN IDLE MIND IS THE DEVIL"S WORKSHOP.   IF YOU DON'T GIVE KIDS SOMETHING TO DO THEY WILL FINDSOMETHING TO DO.  Dance and artistic expression provide a healthy outlet that focuses energy towards a positive and common goal.  
Education is fundamental
Education is the key to knowledge. Knowledge is the key to wisdom. Be wise, stay in school and go as far as you can to achieve your potential. Knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world. Make it yours!
Believe in yourself and you will achieve your dreams. All dreams CAN be reached!
Be confident in who you are and all you do. Know who you are inside and believe in yourself. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. If you believe, you can succeed!

Words of Wisdom!

“It’s not about who you beat, it’s about who you inspire” 
“If you think you can
you think that you can’t
​your probably right.”
Kurt Waller