Safe and Fun for Kids, Simple and Inexpensive for Parents!

We have two birthday party goals:

First, our goal is to make your child’s birthday as special as it should be. We know that kids like to play end explore. The gym portion of the party includes a brief warm up and a “Safety Talk.” The “Safety Talk” is effective because it is interactive. That way the revilers have fun learning how to stay safe while enjoying the gym. After the “Safety Talk” is done the children are allowed to freely explore the gym while being supervised by our trained staff. Your job as a parent is to take good pictures and enjoy along with your kids.

Second, we strive to make things simple for you, the parent. The gym portion of the party is managed almost entirely by our staff. All parents are encouraged to participate. The more parents get into the party the more the kids have fun. 10 minutes before the party goes upstairs the party parent will go up to the party room to set things up. Disposable plates and table cloths should be used so that the cleanup is a breeze. The Coaches bring the kids upstairs when it is time. Sing happy birthday, eat cake or pizza and have fun. At the end of the party simply take the disposables and toss them in the trash. We will clean up the rest. It is your child’s birthday party. We don’t want you to miss out on that special event because you are running around trying to make things go smoothly. We have set our parties up so that you have time to enjoy the party as much as your kids.
$50 deposit required with reservation

The  gym can accommodate up to  35 kids.  It has 2 trampolines, 3 foam block pits, a 56 foot long tumble track, climbing wall, a HUGE inflatables, rings, ropes and other gymnastic equipment.


Saturdays: 2:30 thru 5:30 in the “Main Gym”
Sundays: 11:30 thru 3:30 in the “Main Gym”


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1-15 $196 21 $226 27 $244 33 $274
16 $199 22 $229
28 $247 34 $277
17 $202
23 $232 29 $250 35 $280
18 $205
24 $235 30 $253
19 $208 25 $238 31 $268
20 $211 26 $241 32 $271


We request help in disposing of your paper goods and other on-­‐the-­‐table messes. We will do the floor and chair cleaning  along with the final table cleaning. Experience suggests that it is best to clean as you go along so that you do not feel rushed at the end.

What to bring

Since we only supply a room, tables and chairs for your eating time you might want to bring some or all of the following:
  • tablecloths
  • matches (for candles)
  • eating utensils
  • paper cups
  • napkins
  • plates
  • a large knife for cutting cake
  • a large bag or two for carrying presents down to your car.

Party pace!

The pace of your party should be carefully considered since all sizes of parties are allotted the same 40 minutes. A small party may not need all 40 minutes and might be well served by scheduling only ½ hour for this part of the party. Larger parties of 25 or more children should start promptly and move along at a consistent pace.  For very large parties, there may not be enough time to open presents unless the party is for more than one child.